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Civilian Police Interviews

We provide legal help and assistance to current and former personnel of the Royal Navy.

Criminal law is a serious and complex area of law. It differs considerable between civilian and military offences.

Any cautions, charges, bail grants or warning at a police interview can have long-lasting consequences on both your military and civilian life.

What you say during a police interview may be used against you in court and so it is extremely important that you seek legal help from a solicitor.

We understand how stressful and upsetting it can be if suspected of a criminal offence. As specialist in criminal law we not only deal with the law but can help you be fully aware of your rights and answer all of your questions.

We can help military personnel facing both military and civilian police interviews.

It is important to vigorously defend each and every allegation, however minor. We are Defence Law specialists and will vigorously defend your interests in the police cells and at court. Contact us now on 01452 720827 or 07977 597709.