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Court Marital

We provide legal help and assistance to current and former personnel of the Royal Navy.

When service personnel need legal advice they need to ensure they receive relevant and specific advice for their legal issue. Not all solicitors have experience in dealing with Court Martial and so it is imperative that you chose a solicitor who has experience with the forces legal system.

We have experience in representing those in the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force. We regularly assist with; interviews with Service Police, Summary Hearings, representation at Summary Appeal Court and Court Marital.  

We hold the Law Society’s LEXCEL award which demonstrates excellence in Client Care. The Legal Services Commission assessed our work as ‘Highly Competent’.

Court Martial is a very specific area of forces law and we understand the stresses involved with facing a Court Martial. That’s why we, when appropriate, will liaise with the Service Prosecuting Authority to discuss whether alternative solutions are possible.

We are available to Military personnel 24/7 and can attend Court Martial throughout the UK and further afield.

Electing Court Martial

A conviction at Court Martial can potentially ruin your career as it can lead to Military prison and dishonorable discharge.  

If you are accused of any offence your Commanding Officer may decide to deal with the situation themselves. For more serious offence they will go straight to Court Martial.

If your Commanding Officer is happy to deal with the issue they will ensure you are happy to proceed or ask if you wish to elective for Court Martial.

This is a very important decision and may have a major impact on your career. It is essential that you fully understand the consequences for either your Commanding Officer dealing with it or going to Court Martial. We are available for advice on this day or night on 01452 720827.

Please see below a list of advantages and disadvantaged for both options.

Commanding Officer – Advantages

a. The matter is dealt with quickly

b. It is considerably cheaper than Court Martial

c. The powers the Commanding Officers hold are limited

Commanding Officer- Disadvantages

a. Commanding Officers are not legally trained

b. Your relationship with your Commanding Officer may affect their decision

c. Your Commanding Officer may sentence you harshly

d. Your Commanding Officer may be influence by others

Court Martial – Advantages

a. Once Court Martial is elected the Service Prosecuting Authority will further review your case and will decide if it is worth going to Court Martial or not

b. Court Martial will be conducted by legally trained personnel

c. There will be no bias

Court Martial – Disadvantages

a. Can be a long, stressful process

b. Court Martials can be an expensive route to take. Legal aid or private funding will need to be considered carefully.